Jean pierre sabar folk celebrations

HRH Prince Michael of Albany, Michael James Alexander Stewart [Michel Roger Lafosse], Walid Amine Salhab
- The Knights Templar of the Middle East: The Hidden History of The Islamic Origins of Freemasonr y (2006)

Jonas E Alexis
- In the Name of Education: How Weird Ideologies Corrupt our Public Schools, Politics, the Media, Higher Institutions, and History (2007)
* Chapter 5: Slavery, History, and Christianity IV – Orlando Patterson and ‘The Da Vinci Code’
- In the Name of Knowledge and Wisdom: Why Atheists, Skeptics, Agnostics and Intellectuals Deny Christianity (2008)
* Chapter 2: Skeptics, Scoffers, and Pop Christianity

Brian J. Allan
-“The Rosslyn Cypher” (photographs by Gordon Rutter, Fortean Times , Number 212, -43, 2006)
- Rosslyn: Between Two Worlds (2007)
- The Rosslyn Frequency: Uncovering The Hidden World of The Knights Templar (Audiobook, 2009)
- Rosslyn Chapel: Occult Secrets and Esoteric Treasures Revealed (Book and Bonus Audio CD; edited by Timothy Green Beckley, illustrations by Tim Swartz; 2009)
- Paranormal Rosslyn Chapel: Haunted Portal of Spirits and Ghosts (Audiobook, 2014)
* See also Timothy Green Beckley, Sean Casteel, Brian J. Allan, René Barnett, Hercules Invictus, Ambrose Nobel

F. J. Allen (Frank James Allen), 1854-1942
- The Ruined Mill, or Round Church of The Norsemen, At Newport, Rhode Island, ., Compared with The Round Church at Cambridge and Others In Europe (booklet, 1921, 2011; offprint from the “Cambridge Antiquarian Society’s Communications”, Volume XXII)
* See also Carl Christian Rafn, 1795-1864
* See also Charles T. Brooks, 1813-1883
* See also F. H. Shelton
* See also Phillip Ainsworth Means, 1892-1944
* See also William S. Godfrey, Jr

Judd F. Allen
- The Royal Seed: Why The Genealogy of Jesus Is Important To You Today (2015)

Marcus Allgood
- What Da Vinci Really Didn’t Want You To Know: The Jesus Conspiracy (foreword by Baron Bell, 2009)

Léopold Álvaro
- The Atlantean Identifier (edited by Michele Doucette, 2016)
* Spiritual commentary presented as speculative fiction
* Chapter 7: The St Clair Link

Gloria Amendola
- The Tower And The Dream: Awakening To The Call (The Tower Series, Book One) (Novel, 2012)
- The Tower and the Land: Awakening To The Light (The Tower Series, Book Two) (Novel, 2012)
- Mary Magdalene: Revelations From A First Century Avatar (2013)
- Mary Magdalene: Revelations From A First Century Avatar, Volume II (2014)
- Mary Magdalene: Revelations From A First Century Avatar, Volume III (2014)
* Gloria Amendola “is a modern day Templar aligned to Rennes-le-Château, France”.

Joanne Amorosi
- Come Walk With Me: The Remembrances of Mary Magdalene (2017)
* “This story is one that has been remembered and revealed over a period of fifteen years. It is a story that my daughter first began to tell me when she was six years old, and now I can finish myself”

Tori Amos (Myra Ellen Amos), Ann Powers
- Tori Amos: Piece by Piece: A Portrait of The Artist, Her Thoughts, Her Conversations (2006)
* Chapter Two: Mary Magdalene – The Erotic Muse

Onyekwelu Paulinus Anaedu
- The Da Vinci Myth of the Sacred Feminine: An Intercultural-critical Appraisal (2008)

L. Shannon Andersen
- The Magdalene Awakening (2006; Second Edition entitled The Magdalene Awakening: Symbols & Synchronicity Heralding The Re-Emergence of The Divine Feminine , 2008)
* “...the full message of Jesus must include the female energy of Mary Magdalene”

Richard Andrews, Paul Schellenberger
- The Tomb of God: The Body of Jesus and The Solution To A 2,000-Year-Old Mystery (1996)
* Later editions of Tomb of God contained a Leaflet responding to the BBC2 Timewatch documentary “The History of a Mystery” that was shown on 17 September 1996

Acting on advice from a friend, Jerry Ackerman walked into an interior design studio in Detroit one day in 1948 where Evelyn Lipton was working. Producing two candy bars from his pocket, he said, “Hi, I’m Jerry Ackerman. Would you like a Milky Way?”

Jean Pierre Sabar Folk CelebrationsJean Pierre Sabar Folk CelebrationsJean Pierre Sabar Folk CelebrationsJean Pierre Sabar Folk Celebrations