Avenida 29 its pizza time

Minutes after noon last Friday, as travelers gathered around the baggage-claim carousels at Tucson International Airport and a couple gave their tearful young grandson a final hug, Carmen and Ernie Schank were kicking back on the patio of the months-old Noble Hops brew pub not far from the American Airlines ticket counter.

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Parque Ibirapuera is the city’s largest green space and one of the largest city parks in Latin America. There is plenty to do here…paths to walk or bike or people watch, museums, Niemeyer architecture , a lake, and more.

Explore Life at Overlook at Pantano In the gallery. With its modern architecture and landscaped grounds of green grass, tall trees and smooth stones, The Overlook at ...

According to , in addition to having its own holiday, pizza is so popular that it even has its own month. October is National Pizza Month in the United States. In America, 94 percent of people eat pizza on a regular basis, consuming an average of 46 slices per year. On a global scale, over 5 billion pizzas are sold annually.

  Let the children play in our complete gameroom, open from 9am to 6pm Monday to Sunday. We have an area for babies, a living room for parents and a Sony Play Station, assorted computer games and football and tennis tables. Balls, beach toys and board games are available on loan.

The Pink House (Casa Rosada) is where the president works. It is the most iconic building of Buenos Aires, but iconic doesn’t mean pretty or interesting, just well known. There are weekend tours of the inside which is somewhat interesting. A few of the rooms are beautiful, especially the president’s working room. The line for getting one of these tours can get very long, so get there when they open or skip it for another day. (Or skip it all together. It’s fine. You can live a full and worthwhile life without seeing the inside.)