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When CBS's Star Trek: Discovery premieres on September 24th, it will be the first time in over a decade that the universe Gene Rodenberry created will be back on the small screen. (Or rather, small screens, since the network will be moving it to the streaming service CBS All Access after its premiere episode debuts in primetime.) It's not as if the franchise had disappeared entirely: . Abrams semi-rebooted the movies starting in 2009, prompting a range of feelings among longtime fans (see this Reddit thread ). But considering that prior to the previous series, Star Trek: Enterprise, going off the air in 2005, there was an 18-year run of Trek shows on TV, the absence was noticeable. In the interim, there have been countless rumors about possible new series: Michael Dorn ( The Next Generation 's Worf) was supposedly developing a version starring himself as a captain ; the original Sulu, George Takei, was doing the same .

As a country with a generally cool climate, Canada has enjoyed greater success at the Winter Olympics than at the Summer Olympics , although significant regional variations in climate allow for a wide variety of both team and individual sports. Major multi-sport events in Canada include the 2010 Winter Olympics . Great achievements in Canadian sports are recognized by Canada's Sports Hall of Fame , while the Lou Marsh Trophy is awarded annually to Canada's top athlete by a panel of journalists. There are numerous other Sports Halls of Fames in Canada.

Blue Echoes Tiger Talk Blue Bell BounceBlue Echoes Tiger Talk Blue Bell BounceBlue Echoes Tiger Talk Blue Bell BounceBlue Echoes Tiger Talk Blue Bell Bounce